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Our Mission

To create a world where every person can live without fear, victimization

and abuse by promoting, facilitating and encouraging collaboration and mentorship within the global investigative community.


Anjuli Shere

DPhil Candidate, Oxford University

"Having a natural intuition about investigations never stops Julie from working incredibly hard to get the job done to the highest standard. She's always incredibly professional, but also manages to be friendly and communicative, so that you work well as a team and fit right in. Julie is efficient, talented, and supportive. I consider myself lucky to have her as a friend and colleague."


Scot Filer, CEO

Lions Gate Risk Management Group

“Julie is an insightful, gifted investigator and mentor. She is a subject matter expert of the highest order and I am pleased to be her friend and industry colleague.”

hidden 2.jpg

OSINT (not real name)

Student & Investigator

“Being mentored by Julie has been incredible because the conversations we have both in text form and voice form are always very informative. Our communication is always clear and professional which really puts a lot of value into each and every conversation we have. The experiences she can share are unlike any others which certainly is valuable to anyone.”

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